5 Simple Steps to make your Wedding Reception Better

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Weddings can be exciting, fun, stressful, joyful, and sometimes sad!

Here are a few simple tricks to help make sure your wedding stays in the Exciting, Joyful, and Fun categories!

1. Have a weather proof plan. Make sure if you plan to have an outdoor wedding that you also plan to have an indoor wedding.  That means having a secondary venue selected and reserved, or a tent secured in the event mother nature disagrees with your wedding.

2.  Assign Tasks to Others.  Often when planning an event people try to take on everything by themselves.  Delegate!  Save yourself the stress and delegate tasks to others that you trust.  Being able to focus on fewer task will make the event more enjoyable.

3.  Secure your wedding.  This may seem a little bit crazy, but in recent years the trend of wedding crashing has become more prevalent.  Have an usher sit close to the entrance of the reception and another by the gifts.  This simple step can help discourage someone from stealing a gift or creating a scene.  .

4. Enjoy the moment.  Take time to slow down and look around.  It is a special day, enjoy it! When it is all said and done the memories of who was there will be far more important than that flower being out of place.

5.  Pay Cash.  Weddings can be expensive and that’s ok as long as you plan for it.  Start saving now so you can pay for your wedding with cash!  When you pay with cash, the memories will last a lifetime, not the debt!

Follow these five simple ideas and your wedding day will be that much more memorable.